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JERSEYS ARE TRADE RESISTANT. NBA Store will replace the jersey for FREE of any player who changes teams within 90 days of purchase. Have an American Express® Card? When you use it to purchase a Jersey, it can be covered for a full year. Shop Jerseys.

American Express Jersey Assurance Includes:

  • A FREE replacement jersey, if the active NBA player you purchased switches teams as a result of a trade or free agency signing within 90 days of purchase. If you used an American Express® Card for your purchase, you can get Jersey Assurance for a full year from your purchase date
  • File a claim within 14 days after the eligible movement (trade or free agency) is officially announced by team or league
  • Fast, FREE, friendly claim and replacement process

What’s Not Covered?

  • Players not on an NBA team's active roster
  • Players no longer on the team due to retirement, suspension, injury, dismissal, or anything similar
  • Team jersey changes (e.g., manufacturer, city, logo, name, or design)
  • Player's name, number, or role with team has changed, but they have not switched teams

Fast, Friendly Claim & Replacement Process

  • Complete a simple Jersey Assurance claim form in our help center
  • Our Friendly support team will contact you if they need more information
  • Package and ship us your original jersey purchased via a FREE return label you will receive via email
  • We ship your replacement jersey to you FREE of charge

Jersey Assurance FAQ's

What does Jersey Assurance cover?

Jersey Assurance protects you when the player whose jersey you purchased switches teams as a result of a trade or free agency signing or if the jersey becomes permanently damaged during use.

How much does Jersey Assurance cost?

It’s completely free, we’ll also pay for return shipping of the covered jersey.

How long does Jersey Assurance last?

Your jersey is covered under Jersey Assurance for 90 days following your purchase. If you purchased using your American Express® Card, your jersey is covered for a full year from your date of purchase. You have 14 days to file a claim after the eligible movement (trade or free agency) is officially announced by team or league.

What kind of player movement is covered?

Jersey Assurance covers player movement as a result of trades and free agent signings.

What is not covered?

  • Players who no longer play for a team because they were cut, retired, suspended, injured, or any other reason
  • When a player's number, name, or role changes, but they have not switched teams
  • When a team’s jersey changes (e.g. change in manufacturer, city, logo, team name, design, etc.)
  • Autographed jerseys
  • Any other apparel items that are not jerseys (e.g. tees, fleece, caps)

What if my original jersey purchase was for a retired player or did not include a name or number?

If you purchased a jersey without a player name/number or a player who was cut, retired, suspended you would be eligible for damage claims, but not for a claim arising from a trade or free agency signing.

Do I need to register my jersey?

There is an information form included in your post-purchase email for the purposes of improving our program that we’d like you to participate in, but this is not required. All eligible jerseys covered under our Jersey Assurance plan will be honored under eligible circumstances.

What can I get as a replacement?

For claims arising from trades or free agency signings, Fanatics will replace your eligible jersey with any player from the original team you purchased or the new team jersey of the player who moved, for free!

For example: If Jersey Assurance was available when Gordon Hayward moved in free agency from the Utah Jazz to the Boston Celtics and you qualified for Jersey Assurance, you could have filed a claim to get a replacement jersey of another player on the Utah Jazz or a Gordon Hayward jersey on the Boston Celtics. When taking advantage of Jersey Assurance, the new jersey will be the exact same type of jersey . Thus, if you originally ordered a women’s Nike Swingman jersey, the replacement jersey you’d receive would also be a women’s Nike Swingman jersey.

For jersey damage claims, Fanatics will replace your jersey with the exact same jersey. So if your Gordon Hayward Boston Celtics Mens Nike Green Swingman jersey, size Large was damaged, you would be eligible to receive a Gordon Hayward Boston Celtics Mens Nike Green Swingman jersey, size Large.

Can I upgrade my replacement to a nicer jersey?

Upgrades are allowed for claims arising from trades or free agency signings, but not for jersey damage claims. While filing your Jersey Assurance claim with our Customer Service Athlete let them know you’re interested in upgrading. You will pay the difference between the original retail prices of the jerseys.

What do I do with my old jersey?

You’ll have to send your jersey back to us. Our friendly customer support team will send you a pre-paid return label after you file a claim using the Jersey Assurance claim form. NOTE: You cannot use the return label that came in your original package for any Jersey Assurance claims.

Where do I find information about player movement?

Fanatics will only recognize a trade once officially announced by the team or league. Our Customer Service Athletes will be consulting the following repository to determine eligibility:

I need to file a claim, what do I do now?

It’s easy! Fill out some basic information on our online claim form found here and one of our dedicated Jersey Assurance support team members will be happy to help you get the process started.

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